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The Importance to Build a Strong Community for your Crypto Project


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In 2019 we are going to see many things that will shake and boost the whole crypto space toward the mainstream population. It was not easy in 2018 on this long bear market that is not yet over. Also, I know we remain on the speculative phase and many people are looking to make a quick buck on this sexy asset.

In the meantime, many projects will continue to fail along the way this year. Sometimes those projects write a long white paper that is hard to understand and without a clear path of what it wants to accomplish. This does not give me confidence in the project and it is better to skip to the next chapter.

The reality

I followed the evolution of this space for two years and I saw the rising of ICOs that promised to revolutionize the ways to finance a crypto startup. In the beginning, it was exciting to be part of this new trend in the crypto world. When it is the far west it is not easy to know where to put your money! We saw many projects raise millions of dollars in a few hours or days, without having a product, but simply a dream on paper!

Can you imagine receiving 10 million in three days? What will be your motivation to build the product? Motivation comes when it is hard to build something and when it is to easy people miss the track of the vision.

What I saw from my own eyes are:

  • Projects stopped to update their social networks profiles.
  • Projects never released their mainnet or show any product at all.
  • A lot of those ICOs were pure scams, without any team or intend to deliver something on the table.
The real outcome of this situation, most of those projects died abruptly as their idea started.

What I believe will happen in 2019

Crypto is here to stay and there is no question about it. It will reach the mainstream population soon, it is just a question of time. Many industries are doing research on the hot trend of blockchain technology.

The rising of STO

We are going to see the rise of STO (Security coin offering) that is simply assets tokenized on a blockchain. This will have the benefit to be able to trade real assets like shares, real estates, precious metals 24 hours a day. Moreover, another benefit of these tokens, they will be on a regulated market with KYC/AML implemented. I believe at this point, we need to have something of this kind for the mainstream to put more money into this space.

The battle of DAPPS platforms

This year this will be a great battle among the players on this specific niche. I saw many headlines of TRON, Ethereum, EOS, and Steem to fight to try to find the next killer DAPP. It will be an interesting topic that I will follow closely this year because I love this hot trend. I am very active on the Steem blockchain and use around 10 DAPPS only on this chain!

Tradable gaming assets

Can you imagine to collect cards or a super armor that you can sell to other players? The concept is not something new and I had in the past sold my character of Final Fantasy XI for money. What is the beauty of gaming assets on a blockchain? You cannot replicate it and you are able to sell and transfer it to someone else. This is really a game changer and people are going to make a killing on this hot trend.

What will ultimately help crypto in general?

This was the idea behind this article; what will make any blockchain win the battle toward the mainstream population? The most vital aspect is to build loyalty toward your fans and build a strong community behind it. You need a community of people that love the product and are very engaged to make it stronger and better.

It is vital on this ongoing long bear market that is really hard to stay afloat and to survive. When you have an army of people that still believe in the project, it is easy to spread the good vibe about it during hard times.

As I stipulated, most of the blockchain projects will die and cease to exist. This is the reality of any market, you must provide value and bring something people will use in the first place. With a strong community and believers, you will resist any tsunami and be there for the next decade.

What is the future for crypto?

I believe it is important to take the time to ask this question. I believe crypto is here to stay and will benefit the whole humanity, to create money without a central authority. This never happened in the recorded human history, there was always a central entity produced and manipulated money for their own benefits.

Now we are in the evolution phase of the people's money and this is a real game changer. Nobody can confiscate your asset since you are in control of the private keys.

Bitcoin will dominate and remain the king for a long time because it is the one that created the entire crypto market.

Last thought

We have experienced the rush of ICOs in 2017, had a long crypto bear market in 2018. Now we are moving toward STO, the emergence of DAPPS platforms, and gaming assets on the blockchain.

Crypto are here to stay and the importance to have a strong community will make projects stay for the next decade. 2019 will be an awesome year for the whole crypto industry in general because this year we are going to have a lot of cool new things on the table. This is what excites me to be part of this great revolution and shifting power toward a decentralized world.

My mantra: I still believe crypto will change the world, as we know today!

Yours, Chesatochi

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