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Along my journey I've had the pleasure of meeting people that have a lot of potential, because I've been dealing with so many people in my life, I have developed over the years a 6th sense to recognize potential.

I'm sure that just on this very subject I can share many stories, many teachings that life has taught me, but for this short post, I wanted to talk about a particular friend.

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It was special to his growth, to see his mind shift from being an employee, to someone who wanted more for his life, someone with a dream. But it took a lot of work to get there, and of course a lot of patience.

One of the things I used to tell him a lot, was "One day you will understand, but for now listen to me" I remember how my words frustrated him, but I knew that with time he would begin to understand his own value, and let go of his fears.

It was a slow process for him to realize that he did not need the false security of his day job, that he could also be an Entrepreneur. I could see his potential, I knew he had the right raw materials to be very successful, if he could only let go of his fears.

Sometimes I would call him at work, I would give him advice on what to say, what to do, and he would respond "I need to work, I can't talk on the phone right now" - his fear was very real, I could hear it in his voice. He thought that if he tried to improvise and grow outside of exactly what he was told, he would probably get in trouble. Believe me, life is about having initiative and being creative.

After more than a year of doing business together and having many conversations, I started to see a change in the way that he valued his work, his confidence. All of the sudden he stopped feeling trapped in a job that he didn't really like, and he now believed he had choices. But the truth is, he always had choices, he just never saw them.

There is an old story I was told a long time ago regarding elephants; When they are babies, they tie one of the legs to a pole, to keep it still. The elephant's mind get's conditioned, and it believes that its trapped, that it can't move for the rest of its life, even when it weighs tons and can tear a tree of the ground if it wanted to.

Humans and their potential are that way, but we have to learn to recognize our freedom first, recognize that we always have a choice.

Hope everyone is doing great, regards



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