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What is Fear of Success and How to Deal With it?


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Greetings, dear Steemians!

We fear success as much as we fear failure. For some of us, the idea of success is desirable and at the same time, hauntingly burdensome. What is fear of success and how does it affect our mindset?

To people who have fear of success, procrastination is an old friend. They often run away from their tasks and goals as a way to delay their inevitable achievement. Their thoughts are usually contradictory because they are not sure of what they want from themselves and how they are going to react when they realize their dreams and achieve success.

The fear of success is a theory that basically indicates you are not willing to put everything you have got for the things that you dream about, because deep inside your subconsciousness, there is a part that fights back against the idea of success out of an irrational fear.

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This irrational fear then manifests itself in different forms of deferment. Some people might spend years and years fighting a losing battle with themselves about the idea of success and what one must endure in order to achieve it.

This is tragic in one regard, as people who are often questioning themselves can never allocate the appropriate time to grow as a character. Their fights always remain the same, and the battlefields they roam will be those that have been exhausted for a thousand times.

If you want to destroy that part of your brain which fights back against your desire and longing for success, you first need to understand this fear.

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One of the main reasons that fear of success develops in our mind is because we dread change. Humans are creatures of habit and show aggression towards any sort of change to the routine that they have accustomed themselves with.

Success is a massive change to your lifestyle. Your achievements at any point in your life contribute to the way you live it, and that is the prominent reason behind fear of success; the fear of having to change how you spend your days.

What you need to understand is that success will not change your mindset towards life. You will always strive for greater things, and you will always live life with respect to your ideals and values. Change is inevitable, because the more you fight it, the more its shadows will loom over your life.

Embrace change, and destroy your irrational fear of having to make a difference in your lifestyle.

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The other important reason behind fear of success is becoming popular, famous, and ultimately standing out as a result of achieving something as opposed to most people who only dream about it.

This is why you fall into the trap of your mind and fear success, spending more time talking about your dreams than actually taking steps to realize them. Because you feel like that for those around you, you will become a totally different person if you achieve something of high value.

Blending and fitting in with everybody else in our societies is the easy choice. The hard choice would be working up the courage to actually embrace your uniqueness and step towards your inner light, rather than putting it out because you fear what others might think of you and how they might treat you if you show the results of your distinctive mindset and approach.

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Conforming to the pattern of society is always the easy path. Because in that case, you do not have to go through the pain of rejection, or even fear from it.

Your whole life becomes a blueprint and by following its steps, you will not have to tolerate any hardship or difficulty that is beyond measures.

But let me ask you this, my friends: At what cost? At what cost do we throw away our uniqueness and fear our inevitable success?

Think about the points that I made in this article.

Think about how each and every one of those emotions impacts your inner core, and find a way to extinguish your inner fear of success.




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