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There is Something That is Keeping You All from Achieving Success…! - Maybe You're Making These Mistakes! Think About!...


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Hi, Steemians!

The vagueness of the title may rub you the wrong way, but there is a tendency in all of us that is keeping us from achieving success or anything of value in this life.

Our ego feeds our inevitable doom. The more you are in control of that ego, the more power you will have over your destiny. Ego is a destructive force in all its forms and potencies.

This ego sometimes gets in the way of your communication with other people and the way you interact with them.

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Let me tell you a quick story. A friend of mine once talked to me about their relative who had created this company and turned it into a profitable business.

He said that the line of work was the same as his major in university, which was mechanical engineering.

‘Well, why haven’t you contacted him and asked him for his help?’

I asked him eagerly, knowing that he had been struggling with finding a job.

‘I mean… I don’t know…’ He nodded and sank deep into his thoughts.

‘I mean, what if he rejects me?’

And at that moment, a thought occurred to me: People are wound up on so many ridiculous ideas that they hardly try or risk anything nowadays.

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A lot of people do not ask for help or request somebody’s assistance because they fear rejection.

Some of them fear that the other person might look down on them or be generally disrespectful.

Well, for those people, I have a simple question: What do you lose by that?

What if they don’t reject you?

What if they are not disrespectful?

What if they welcome your idea and embrace your qualities and skills?

What if this is your chance at success and you throw it away out of fear and egotism?

Ask people for their help. Do not shy away from that. Do not be afraid of that. Do not let your ego stand in the way of that request for help or assistance.

If you really think about it, the whole of human society is built on this idea:

People ask each other’s help and they provide and exchange services. Think of everything you could gain if you were to simply do what’s always been on your mind.

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People who are afraid of asking other people for their help are those who fundamentally shy away from having normal and healthy interactions with people who may be able to help them with their breakthrough.

Do not be someone who is afraid to speak their mind.

Do not be someone who is afraid of talking to other people or asking them for their help.

You might not be surprised to hear this, but your success may very well depend on how you contact other people and interact with them.

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