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Taking Responsibility for Your Life as Means to Find Your Identity...


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Hi, Steemians!

We go through many things in our life, but perhaps the most significant transition is the moment we embrace the responsibility of our life and take on the role that can determines our destiny for all eternity.

This transition is a bit difficult for a lot of people, because it will change their lives forever. What they didn’t have to worry about before, they will have to now.

What they didn’t need to think about before, they will need to ponder on.

What blissful life they lived before, they will now need to fill with different obligations and predispositions.

Such is the way of life…

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Why is it so difficult to embrace our responsibility in society? We have many responsibilities when we come of age.

The responsibility towards our parents, the responsibility towards our society, the responsibility towards those we know and love…

But the greatest of these responsibilities is the one about our own identity and purpose.

What am I going to do with this life? What is my purpose on this earth? What should I do with the time and the resources that are given to me?

Am I privileged? Am I miserable? Am I taking advantage of every opportunity on a daily basis? Do I owe it to my future self to actually try and make him/her proud?

These are all the questions that you should be asking yourself repeatedly, and these are the greatest questions that constitute your general responsibility in this existence.

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A lot of people spend most of their lives running from their responsibilities. But here is the truth: so long as you run away from your obligations, you can never achieve happiness.

You can never be satisfied with who you are and what you may become.

You will never be content with what you are given. You will always be haunted by the thought that this may not be your true purpose.

Why? Because you have not accepted your responsibilities.

A lot of people accept the role of taking on the responsibilities, but they don’t actually do that.

A person who wishes to be diligent and achieve success in the future is someone who has understood their responsibility, but are they actually putting in the effort? Are they actually doing something?

Probably not. And that is because: They have merely accepted the idea of responsibility, and not responsibility itself.

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It is difficult to even embrace the idea of responsibilities; to be stripped away from your childhood ecstasy of not having to worry about anything while the rest of the grownups do all the important things.

A day will come that will make us all realize we are grownups and we have to do what grownups do in order to live a healthy and happy life.

As difficult as it might be to embrace this new role, the alternative is always much worse and devastating.

Do not waste your life and energy chasing the fantasy of running away from your responsibilities.

Eventually, they are going to catch up with us!

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