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Is This World Getting Worse Every Day? An Observation on Good and Evil...


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Hi Steemians!

It is not peculiar to see people rant about how the world is getting worse every day and mankind is falling from grace. The question is: How much credibility can we give to statements of this kind?

You have often seen a lot of people who believe that it is hard to find a reason to be happy in the current state of the world. You may have also felt this yourself. Every day, when you open the news website or turn on the television or radio, you hear bad news and terrible incidents that have happened to people from around the globe.

Even if we could even find a way to see past these tragic incidents, how could we forget all the pain and suffering that people themselves inflict on each other?

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Some people claim that the world has seen better days; that we are merely descending ever deeper into a hell of our own making with this human society.
But when you really look at the facts, you begin to realize how fallacious these kinds of arguments are. Allow me to elaborate.

It is in the human nature to notice and contemplate the negativity first, rather than the ever-enlightening positivity that always surrounds them. For instance, you hear that thousands of destitute people have been given quality jobs and are starting a new life. This can make you happy.

Now imagine that the television news announces the death of some people in a bus crash on the road. The tragedy of the such incident can cripple you for days. You feel sorrow, anguish, and pain for the latter on a level which is contemplatively incomparable to the first occurrence.

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For so small a reason as the hospitalization of someone we know, we feel such a great surge of negative energy that we couldn’t even come near to attracting in its positive form if someone found a permanent and effective cure for cancer!

We live in a world of abundance. Billions and billions of people live on this planet. Have you ever realized that for every nasty deed that is performed in one moment, there are millions of kind deeds to compensate?

Have you ever realized that for every heart that stops beating, several hearts thrive and start their journey in life?

Have you ever realized that for every cruelty and unkindness, there are countless people who spread the significance of love and sympathy?

No, we hardly ever realize that. What is there to blame, other than the indulgence of society on this systematic predisposition to only see insignificant darkness even in the brightest of days.

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Even our media plays a large part in this matter. News agencies are always desperately looking for controversial chain of incidents that would arouse the awe and dismay of their audience. Little do they care about the small acts of kindness and love that moves the world forward.

Now that we have come to this graceful realization and truthful revelation, we can decide to see the world as it really is, and not as it has always been shown to us from behind a veil of ambiguity and deception.



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