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Building Happiness


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Sometimes it might seem like building success can only happen on top of someone's failure. Life seems to teach us that everything is a competition and some of us take that idea to the extreme. It's completely possible to build your own happiness while also being a positive force for those around you.

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There is the phrase I've been saying for a very long

“There is no value on being a millionaire drinking coconut water somewhere in Bahamas, if there is no one to share the moment with - @chbartist"

In my mind surrounding myself with people who belong to what I call the tribe of good intent is not just important, it's crucial for me to feel accomplished. If my friends are there with me, enjoying their own success, drinking they own pina colada or whatever they choose to drink with their own efforts, that becomes an inspirational blessing for my life.

What is the lie I think we should erase from our minds? The idea that the only way to move forward, to grow is to step over everyone's head. No man is an island on his own, happiness can't be built on someone's misery and these truths are simply unavoidable.

You might be thinking to yourself that there is not enough room for everyone, that there is no way everyone can be successful. There is some truth to that statement, not everyone that tries will achieve, but the idea that success is a ridiculously scarce resource that you are either destined or not to achieve is very, very false.

We can make our own truth, just as much as we decide what success means to us. We have the power to build on our happiness, as long as we are willing to learn the tools we require to do so.

I even go as far as saying that helping others grow can be part of your plan to be happier, to build your happiness. There are lots of arguments for the positive effects of altruism in our brains and I find them to be very compatible with my worldview and experience. Finding the right people to build your happiness with, finding the right people to share, is probably just as important as any good intentions you might put forward.

That is part of my drive everyday and that is what keeps me motivated to share my story.

Until next time wishing you all the best



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