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A Really True Cause In Steem - I Would Like Everyone To Take A Time For This Post - Especially The Whales And Dolphins Of Steem! Thank You! @chbartist


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Dear steemians of this community! I really ask your attention to this post!

This post is my answer to a noble cause in the steem and I would like i can who has accompanied me on this journey to take time with your heart to read this post.

Firstly I will write here my answer regarding the link that I will leave here for you to see. I started this project together with this person some time ago and now this project has started to become a reality!

Look at this very carefully and then read my final considerations.

Thank you very much to all of you!

Here we go.....

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Many thanks for your words Adil @alishannoor, I felt very honored with your words.

To be honest I felt a little embarrassed because you know I was the person who encouraged you in this project and I made generous donations for this cause that I consider very noble!

You know I make a lot of donations to people on steemit and in my life.

To make it clear to everyone, I made a generous donation to this cause, but @alishannoor is being very careful to use this feature for people who really need help so he is not deceived by profiteers.

I say I was a bit embarrassed because you know I do not have to talking about donations that I make. People who do this usually like to appear and promote themselves with human misery and I have never done this in my entire life.

The people I helped on my journey know that I did it from the heart and they are in my heart. Your cause is noble and I would like people to understand that it transcends cultures. I respect all cultures, all people of good intention, even those of bad intention because I have the hope that they will change their behavior.

But because I have a very busy life I prefer to dedicate my time to the people I see that are of good intention. I built my journey surrounded by good people and so I will continue.

As you yourself said, I am from the west and I am proud to have had an education that respect is the main foundation. It does not matter to me the religion, country or culture of people. Peoples ares peoples and done.

The most important thing for me is that people are of good intention. I would very much like to see people at steemit/steem understand that because as a community we would be a great example to this sick world we are living where the values ​​of respect are being lost, people are becoming more selfish, leeching, doing nothing without receiving something in return, prejudiced, make judgments without knowing people, hypocrites with the false speech of the politically correct, have lost their generosity and this is no longer acceptable in a globalized world.

I know I will not change the world, but at least I know I can leave a small piece of a legacy where the main foundation is respect, because it will always be the top of the pyramid.

Beautiful words do not solve problems, they get lost in the wind.

Words without actions and attitudes are useless.

I hope people speak less and do more. Think more with your heart and soul than with your brain.

Greetings and all my support for your cause!

I wish the people who read this review not only gave your upvote in this post to help in this cause but make a donation by making a transfer of any amount to the account @angelsofsteem

This cause is really amazing!



Please, I ask you to read this post and give your upvote and after that continue reading my post ....

Now, please watch this video and after that continue reading my post ....!/v/angelsofsteem/6g4jnk8d

What I have to say now is very important!

You can help this beautiful cause not only with your upvote, make a donation, a transfer of any amount to @ddd because you can follow all the videos that he will do buying the wheelchairs, showing the receipts to prove to all that he is not making any profit from it. In addition you can see him hand over the wheelchairs to the people who really need a very important object for these people but for 99% of all we do not need.

Thank you very much to all of you!

And Remember!!!!! Peoples are Peoples!

Our List!

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Thanks All of You!!!!


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