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Greetings to you all wonderful people of steem community, welcome to another edition of the Chronicles. It's a wonderful weekend and am delighted to serve you another wonderful tale to keep you delighted all weekend.


Today I take you to a very wonderful land filled with milk and honey, a land blessed by God and loved by many. The wonderful land of Venezuela. It's people are blessed and it is said that anyone who visited this land always come out prosperous. They where very successful because God was with them, and they obeyed God's order.

Time passed and generation after generations came, until the time of king vaga, his reign saw things go wrong. He was a very proud man and believed so much in his legion of armies, he believed he can conquer the world due to the fact that he has legions of armies and chariots. King vaga became powerful in Venezuela, he can get whatever he desired and will put to death anyone who would stand on his way. He slept with people's wives and took so many for wives, even against their husbands will. The last person that decided to fight for what was his (his wife) was set ablaze, and it served as a lesson to those who's planning to challenge his authority.

Under king vaga's reign, many children was sold as slaves and lots of attrosities where committed, and the spirit of God left them. @sc-v a spiritual body in venezuela noticed this and decided to warn king Vega against his bad behaviour. They sent down @darlenys01 a spiritual leader of @sc-v to pass down the message to this horrible leader and after she gave Vegas the warnings, things even became worse cos he got angry and out many youths to death.

The land suffered greatly of hunger and farmine the blessed Venezuela now became a land of mess, the hunger even came down to the house of Vegas and many people were affected with leprosy and other wicked disease, this was when Vegas started looking for solution to their land. He searched everywhere for @darlenys01 but cannot reach her. Vegas became weak and confused. In less than a week he was strucked with strange sickness that left him blind and on the paralysed for weeks. He tried to take his own life but could not. He sent of his best soldiers to go out and get @darlenys01 at all cost. They left searched for her and eventually brought her after 3 weeks.

On seeing darlenys Vegas went down apologising for the evil he has done to the land.

Apologise to God not me

Darlenys said.

After lots of deliberation, king Vegas gave up the kingship of Venezuela for a woman of God @darlenys01 and ever since, things changed drastically. They enjoyed peace again. Vegas was not sent out, for he was part of the elders council in the kingdom of Venezuela. They became a very United body again.


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