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Why we look like our parents and Why our blood group is different?


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Why we look like our parents?

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Have you ever thought why you look like your parents? How cute twines are, What is the mystery behind twin? Why is human cancer? Why some people's hair is red?

All this is behind the effects of the gene. No, there is no genetic trait. 'GENE' is the molecular unit of the genealogy of living organisms. Our body consists of cells. The most important cell is the Chromosomes, which is made up of DNA. The specific part of this DNA is the GENE.

The specific part of the DNA controls all specific properties. Basically, this is because of our external appearance. And its related topics are genetics. And the first idea of this genetics is 'Gregor Johann Mendel'. All the above questions can be answered by possible genetics.
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Why our blood group is different?


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"Lots of war, blood is one" is very ancient Greek proverb. Though the proverb is beautiful, it is a partial mistake. We all know that there are different sections of blood. The most familiar part is 'A, B, AB, O' Blood Group System. All of our blood is included in one of these four groups.
Depending on what our blood group will be, we have no antigens on our body. Antigen is a protein that sets out the defense system by connecting with the white and defense particles that prevents red blood cells. The red blood cell of our blood can catch up to two antigens. The antigen that contains the antibody contains its opposite. A blood group contains antigens, contains antibodies. Again, B is a reverse event in blood group. AB blood group A, B have two antigens but they has no antibody. O group does not contain any antigen.In our family, a set of genes comes from our parents, another set comes from our mother. Depending on the type of antigen we have in our body, there is a set genes from our parents who are coming in. Any one of the two sets of genes is more active than the other. The active gene is released, the other genes are in dormant condition. For example, A set of two antigens will form A blood group, B will produce blood group in the two sets of B, and an A and B antigen will form AB blood group. It is believed that O blood group has been formed in the mutation of A and B blood group. People's blood group is different from the region due to the geographical geography of the Earth. According to one theory, A blood group started in Europe, B blood group was introduced in Asia, O blood group is initiated in South America and migration causes all types of blood groups.

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