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ChallangeDapp is on Steem! 16,000 ChallengeDac tokens being airdropped to top 16,000 steem accounts. EOS token CHL is now is now live on Steem-Engine as CHLP and can be withdrawn to EOS main net. Earn CHL for joining the Discord!


9 months ago2 min read

Challenge DAC has been added to Steem-Engine and is being airdropped to 10,000 top steem accounts who will all receive 1 CHLP pegged EOSIO CHLp tokens on

Download the ChallengeDapp on both Play Store and App Store

Apple App Store

Current CHL App Look vs Future Look of the ChallengeDapp:

Article on CHL on @medium @imeos Explorer

Signup for the $100 EOS Party happening whenever EOS gets to $100 at the Hotel Del Coronado ;)


Also it should be known that daughter of CHL founder @eoskent is a famous instagram model @mollyeskam and

Access your CHLP with Keychain by top steem witness @yabapmatt

You can buy CHLP with STEEMp and deposit from scatter/greymass/etc here using

Trade CHL on Newdex here:

5% of this post is going to @steem.dao 5% is going to @steempeak


Come to the ChallengeDac Telegram to learn more:

Post on the ChallangeDac reddit to earn some CHL! DM and mention @ackza in the telegram with your post and steem or eos account!

Come to the ChallangeDac Discord to earn free CHLP tips via @banjo tip bot

Get some CHLp for leaving us a comment! Or come to the telegram and message @ackza to get some CHLp on your steem account!


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