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Just something short and not too remarkable.


5 months agoBusy

Hey you. Yes. You. I'm sorry I haven't read you more. I'm sorry I haven't engaged with you more. I think you deserve it, to have someone. I think you need it. It's just not as obvious as the air you breathe. It doesn't hit like a cramp in the stomach.

We all have our excuses. You might even try to ignore the ones in your head, because not doing is equally as important as doing – a terrifying awareness to live with. How many moments have you walked pretending to be oblivious? How many hours, days, years have you avoided the load. I don't need to tell you what it is – you know it. I know mine. It makes you want to quit, throw into the towel. But maybe that pain is exactly what one should focus, embrace the pain. In the creative process itself if not by anything else.

Oh well, such is whatever I managed to produce today. I should sleep anyway, because it's 1 am – which is not my time nowadays to be up.

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