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Making Wine at Home


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Now I'm going to do a service for friends who want to get drunk. Take your pen to hand and start writing. :)
Some are trying to buy harvest time directly from the manufacturer of grapes to make their work difficult and to make wine. I will never force your hand. Go directly to the markete or bazaar and grape according to the type of wine you want to make and go to the next step. I will tell you step by step.

1- To get 5 liters of wine, 9-10 pounds of grapes must be taken. The brewery gives the grape crust of dark color. Therefore, you must choose the color of the grape you choose.

2- We will use the grapes without washing them. If you turn down the grapes you can remove natural bacteria that will provide fermentation. If you do, you can have to add yeast. Extract the bruises, bruises, stalks and foreign materials inside. If the grapes are not sweet enough, add a cup of tea. If you're sweet, you do not need to attach.

3- If you use a tool while squeezing the grapes, be careful that the cores are not broken or crushed. The taste of wine is likely to deteriorate. As it can be difficult to squeeze by hand, you can easily crush the grapes in a plastic basin.

4- You'd better leave a gap of 7 to 15 cm in the mouth of the bottle. Otherwise it may be difficult to control the gas output. You can use 10 liter pet bottles to put the material in your hand.
5- Put your bottle in the dark and not too cool, not too hot.

6- Fermentation will usually start up to 1 or 2 days. You can understand that from the tension of the bottle. If you leave the gas bottle in your mouth so that it does not get into the bottle (or the wine may deteriorate), but you can leave the bottle cap carefully so that the gas leaks slowly (do not fully open), there is no problem. When you smell a sour odor will start to emerge. If you take care of the day, this smell will add to the distinctive smell of alcohol.

7- After 15 days, a dark liquid accumulation at the bottom will be clearly visible. In addition, a white sediment must have formed at the bottom. This residue is usually caused by eating sugar and causing alcohol-causing bacteria to migrate slightly to sleep due to their own wastes (alcohol).
8- Extract the juiced grapes and cores and fill all of the juice into a bottle or bowl. (you can squeeze the stuff that you opened with the help of solid parts and a liquid cheesecloth and then tighten the material that you put into the cheesecloth.)

9- When the gas outlet is completely exhausted (it may take about 1-2 months) Transfer to another bottle from the top with a hose to get rid of the white deposits that accumulate at the bottom. Once you have rested for a while, a white precipitate may form again and you can get rid of it by transferring the liquid to another bottle. This will make your wine clear. Here you have to be careful not to leave too much air on the bottle to prevent the wine from deteriorating by transferring it from the bottle to the bottle. When you are done, you can transfer the liquid to the separate bottles of wine and close your mouths to keep your wine. For this you can use a liter of washed, cleaned bottle of wine with a screw cap.

10- Bon Appetit!!!


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