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Having Trouble Using The Steem Blockchain? Use This Browser


2 years agoBusy2 min read

Many newbies to the blockchain seem to be having this recurring issue; they're ready to start uploading or browsing the latest posts on - - - - -

Amongst many of the others...

Then the problems start, you can't view videos, the upload fails or the page is just kinda jumbled up.

People have theories about why this is happening, maybe because mainstream browsers, ran by google, have an agenda against the blockchain? Who knows...

Anyway I have your resolution. This fantastic browser is a privacy focused, super fast and advert free platform that allows you choose how much information you are sharing when you're browsing the web. When you have your "shields" up is blocks cookie trackers, HTTPS upgrades, blocks scripting attempts and disables fingerprinting methods.

This platform is not monetized by throwing adverts in your face every five seconds or by recording and selling your browsing activities like many others do. It grants you the choice, to actually donate money to the websites you wish to support without any obligation. Which I think is frankly revolutionary.

So what is this browser?

Try it here, it's called BRAVE

It has totally transformed my experience of the internet.

Signing out until next time,
Caleb Able
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