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Turned out nice again hasn't it? This is today, July 12th 2020 and the sunshine has finally returned to the UK after weeks of cloud, wind, rain and generally very very British weather.


After a particularly hectic week of roasting and shipping coffee, Saturday I decided to take the day off work - I know it's terribly lazy of me although I can count on both hands the number of days I have not been at work this year. Plus I blame @joseacabrerav who had an awesome concert in the @naturalmedicine discord Friday night and I might have stayed up a little late listening to it. It was worth it though, and I sent him 100 Hive to distribute amongst the musicians.


Sunday though it was back to work for a few hours to finish off the extraction ducting for the back of the 30kg roaster fan, due to my unique ducting system for the roaster the exhaust fan shaft coupling leaks a fair amount of smoke at the end of the roast - and even more on very dark roasts. So my solution is a 100m inline fan extacting all that from source and then blowing it out upstairs window panel - because downstairs it is all glass which is hard to cut through - and upstairs are blank panels which are easier.


Sneak peak of that start, full post to follow on that little journey. Anyway I got it all done but it took far longer then I expected as most things seem to with me.


That done over to my dad's to help trim his unruly garden and cook sunday lunch.


This is a shy rose, it's hiding it's stamen!


And what a luscious red rose, saving this one for @saffisara 🤗


And an ocean of yellow flowers, brightening up the garden.


Some succulents too with pretty pink flowers.


This succulent made me laugh though, remind you of anything 😉


A few more little pink flowers.


And a bird that is blissfully unaware of the power beneath it's feet!


And a #funkyedits to finish, Whitby long before social distancing became the new normal.

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