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Steeming into 2020 - Witness Update from @c0ff33a โ˜•๏ธ and @derangedvisions ๐Ÿ“ธ


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New Year and New Decade - ten days in are you feeling it yet? The Steem Blockchain continues to run smooth as silk, along with my two Witness Servers which have been processing transactions and blocks flawlessly since HF22. Both of my Witness Servers are on UK IP's - adding to the existing exciting and broad range of Witness locations around the world, holding strong at active rank 55 the rewards do not cover the server costs - but I continue to be dedicated to the Steem Blockchain and appreciate every single one of my Witness voters.

The Witness list has seen some big movement at the top as well, with big changes in Top 20 positions over the last few weeks - this is fantastic for Steem because we are seeing new voices and ideas enter the Top 20 - fresh ideas are the way forward and a constant churn on the Top 20 list will make a big difference in improving the position of the Blockchain moving forward.

And continuing on the subject of the Witness List, what really set's my @ocd off completely is the 14 shut down Witnesses still holding enough votes to rank in the Top 100. I constantly hear people saying Steem needs more external promotion, everyone needs to advertise the benefits of Steem and bring people to look what we have - I suppose we are hoping nobody actually looks at the Witness list then.

Screenshot 2020-01-10 at 20.06.24.png
Screenshot 2020-01-10 at 20.06.42.png
Screenshot 2020-01-10 at 20.07.02.png
Screenshot 2020-01-10 at 20.07.24.png
Screenshot 2020-01-10 at 20.07.36.png
Screenshot 2020-01-10 at 20.07.51.png

I could just have linked instead of screen grabbing the top 100, but I'm not so sure anyone would go there. And of course you don't even need a steem account to look at the Witness list - there are many external sites that show the ranking. And that is the problem, scroll down the list and look at all the disabled accounts - it isn't something to be proud of at all. And that is not even the full amount, because there are many accounts still showing as active but missing blocks every single day - @steemed, @furion, @partiko, @boatymcboatface, @steem-bounty and @snackplus. This takes the total to 18 inactive Witnesses in our top 100.

Plus @yoodoo (and this is a big surprise because it is the new account for @oracle-d which is disabled but at rank 84 because many high ranking accounts - some I know very active are still voting for them) it might only be 115 hours since @yoodoo last produced a block but I know these guys are on top of their cryptocurrency game and keeping the server running should be childs play - but they also don't have a price feed running? Between the two accounts they have a massive Steem Power backing - come on @starkerz I know you have done massive things for Steem promoting it at cryptocurrency events around the world - keep in touch with the back end details and if you are struggling to find someone to admin your Witness for you I'm not a genius but I manage to keep two running smoothly I'm sure I could sort out another one for you.

It's not so much these inactive Witnesses should be unvoted to vote someone else - because most likely many of the accounts still voting for non active Witnesses just can not choose who to vote instead from the 150 active ones. But at the very least unvote them and leave that slot free for when you have inspiration - so we can have a tidy fully active Top 100 to proudly display to the world. I would say that many of the voters are just not active right now - but I know for a fact in the last few weeks a number of big Steem Power holders keeping a number of these accounts at high rank have changed their Witness votes, so either they have not noticed or just don't really care that much.

If you like a good d.poll then head over to Are investors looking at what happens on STEEM I was tempted to add something about inactive Witnesses in other.

Onboarding is always a good buzz word, if you want to get actively into it check out ONBOARDING NEW CONTENT CREATORS it always seems a challenge to bring in new people and get them to stay - but maybe if we can work towards making Steem a more friendly environment that is going places then retention might grow a bit.

I had a very interesting discussion in @steemterminal the other night with @jaytaylor who actually joined Steem in August 2016 - one of the very first founders really. But she has been inactive for a long time because and I hope she does not mind the quote "All the fighting gave bad vibes" and really that is so true - it's impossible to spend any time visiting posts without happening upon some very vocal arguments, and often it's between people with massive Steem Power that should know better - or at least realise it is doing nothing to improve the value of their Stake. If we are going to work towards bringing people in - they need to be entering an environment they want to stay in. Working out differences can take place in discord or instead of making it a very public and very off-putting display on the Blockchain.


Breaking up all that text, I never even realised I was a writer until I started on Steem. Well I think that pretty much rounds up @c0ff33a Witness update - your only UK Based Coffee Roasting, Coffee Plantation visiting Steem Blockchain Witness. I'm confident that this year we will see great advances in the Steem Blockchain, but you have to remember on a decentralised platform everyone makes a difference - but you have to do whatever you can to contribute to it.

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