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Yellow Flower Bush Ireland


10 months agoBusy

This pretty flowering bush was in the Kylemore Abbey garden when @bxlphabet visited there on a trip to Ireland. I am continually surprised by how many flower photos my son has in his collections. I did not know how much he liked flowers until he started posting on steemit.

yellow flower bush ireland bxl.jpg

Today in his wallet, two large transfers of steem came in from @delegationhub, stating that delegations could not be filled. I did not do this, so some very nice steemer is trying to help us. For this, I am so grateful and will continue to carry on. I keep thinking that steemit is the right place for us even though my son is not here.

More mysteries and more hope. This is what keeps me going. ~ @fitinfun

This post is for #colorchallenge #wednesdayyellow by @kalemandra. @bxlphabet was using a point and shoot camera for his trip to Ireland.


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