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Introducing, the bot that rewards your influence

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We are running an experiment with our upvoter bot for weeks. If you tried to post on using the tag "busy", you may have noticed that the account automatically upvotes your post.

How does the bot work?

The bot will upvote you based on the weight of your followers. The more influential followers you have, the stronger upvote you will get from the bot.

  • To get an upvote, you need a minimum of 500 SP following you
  • To get a 100% upvote (around 10$ value), you currently need 12 Millions SP total following you (25 whales).

How to get a vote from

It's free and instantaneous, you just need to:

  • post using (works on both version: v1 and the new beta)
  • use the tag "busy". It doesn't have to be the primary one

The bot upvotes maximum 1 time every 12 hours per user. (2 upvotes/day/user)

How to check my followers weight?

Thank to @jesta he made the awesome SteemDB API with this precious information, our bot is using it get the weight in VESTS of your followers. You can find this info if you look here: and change fabien by your username and search for the field followers_mvest. (This value is in VESTS, to get a 100% upvote you will need 25 billion VESTS)

If you don't know how to do the math, try to post on and see for yourself the voting power % the bot will give you.

I hold 1 million SP but have 0 follower, will i get upvote from the bot?

No, bot don't reward users because they have a lot of Steem Power, the bot only looks for the weight of your followers, without at least 1 Dolphin or the equivalent in SP following you, you don't get any vote.

What if I post bad quality content?

We don't have much policy on the upvoted content for now. We think if you really post bad content you will most likely end-up losing followers and influence in Steem and not get so much voting power in your post by the bot.

What if everybody use the bot?

When bot run out of power, we set a higher number of whales required to get 100% upvote. Now it's 25 whales but if power go lower 50% we will change to 30.

Why we do this bot?

This bot has been started has an experiment, the goal is to reward influence. The bot give a new distribution model for users and a more stable income.

Give power to influencers

If you like the concept of rewarding users based on their influence and you have some Steem Power sleeping, feel free to delegate some to account using Vessel or SteemConnect.

Is the bot Open Source?

Of course! See here:


What's next?

We are looking forward to do an SMT with a completely different reward mechanism. We would love to base the reward on user influence directly without depending on the vote per post reward mechanism. Let us know your thoughts about this! This experiment and your feedback will help us

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