New to Busy? new-design: Call for Private Beta testers!

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The team has been busy the last months building SteemConnect 2 with Steemit inc. (See announcement), while working on new design version.

New version of Busy is in Private Beta and need testers!



The Busy team offers open-source projects on Steem. Our goal is to develop the best tools and strategy to enable billions of people to take part in this thriving ecosystem.
Busy aims to connect everyone to a social network platform that can bring value back to users in a peer-to-peer and decentralized way using the power of the Steem blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
We are currently working on Steemconnect, SteemJS, and

Also known as an alternative platform to to interact with the Steem blockchain, next-gen social media network goal is to be this all-in-one-platform like Facebook or Wechat, offering all the benefits of the Steem blockchain for mainstream adoption.

Busy new version uses Steemconnect v2 for login, and posting API.
Steemconnect by @steemitblog


Current version (Old design) on open beta is now running for a few months on
Oold Busy.png

2 month ago, we decided to stop all further development on the first version of Busy, running on, to focus on our new release.

Many people were invited to test the first release, which allowed us to take several consistent feedbacks and inputs to redirect our strategy.
We want to thank everyone who helped us making the next version the best possible.

Incoming version (New design)

We are working on a new version with a new design, and need more testers to join the private beta!

The next design is running in private beta with some testers for more than a month now, and it’s time to add more testers before the official public release.

There are still several works in progress, and not everything may work 100% correctly. All feedbacks are welcome.

During this beta we plan to:

  • monitor feedbacks from our testers, and making improvements as fast as possible
  • gather data/inputs to improve the product and fix issues
  • work on a full User Interface/Experience redesign, with the help of the community and our designer
  • define priorities from features expected by our testers


To test our private beta, please request your access:

  • Join our Discord, you’ll be directly on our Busy Discord which allows communication between all testers. You’ll be able to give direct feedback to the Busy team
  • Or join #busy on and send a message to @fabien or @ekitcho to get your private link


Current features

  • Comment, Post, Like (upvote), Reblog, Follow
  • DTube, Youtube, SoundCloud and Twitch integrations
  • Drafts
  • Replies
  • Bookmarks
  • Transfer
  • List of Likes with added value in $ and % voting power
  • Edit a Post / Comment
  • Image upload with Select, Paste or Drag&Drop
  • Right Sidebar Widget: Discover more people
  • Translations added: English, French, Čeština, Polski, Русский, Svenska
  • Draft, Bookmarks and Settings now synchronizing across devices

Not implemented yet

  • Wallet
  • Voting slider
  • Search (now only redirecting to Google search)
  • Notification
  • User/Post suggestions on right sidebar
  • Page activity (redirecting to
  • NSFW filter
  • Hide downvoted posts
  • Report a post (downvote)
  • Delete post / comment
  • Block user
  • Edit profile (redirecting to


Visible on the interface but not fully complete:

  • Render on mobile
  • Page Settings
  • Page Drafts
  • Translations incomplete: 简体中文, Čeština, Español, Deutsch, 한국어, Dutch (See our


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