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Bitsports Merch now available


5 months agoSteemit2 min read

We brought you merchandise for Splinterlands, FreedomEx, RocketX, Steem, and, of course, BuildTeam.

The newest addition to our BuildTeam Shop, where you can pay with either STEEM or SBD, is merchandise for Bitsports!

Have a look at some examples for available clothing items and accessories below.

As usual, you can let us know if there's a specific item you'd like to see for that brand, and we will add it to the shop if possible.

Don't yet know what Bitsports is?

The Bitsports community is a place for users to discuss sports, share opinions, and be rewarded for their participation via Steem. Check out the latest announcement of Bitsports tokens and the TokenBB Bitsports forum.

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