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FOSS Hub Podcast - GridCoin & Actifit - - March, 13th

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Welcome to's FOSS Hub show.

When and Where?

This great show aired live on Wednesday, March, 13th, 8-9PM UTC. It was live on the MSP Waves and Discords:

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If you did not get to take part in the show live there are multiple ways to listen to this great show anytime you like:

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This show had two great guests: @jringo and @Mcfarhat.

Our first guest is @jringo, talking about Gridcoin, a project that is utilizing the computational power that everyone has at his fingertips in order to support cutting edge scientific projects like SETI, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence or the World Community Grid, that is researching cures for childhood cancer.

As a second guest, we are very happy to welcome @mcfarhat, the founder of Actifit. There have been a lot of changes in the past months and Actifit has gained more and more participants. The technological changes have also been quite massive, it is now possible to connect with some Fitness Trackers to collect data more automatically. There are many new advances happening for this exciting app. Listen in!

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Raffle Time!

Each week we give away a prize in the form of a raffle. Sometimes it is a collection of indie video games, other times it is a collection of ebooks - Who knows what it can be :) You need to listen in live on our Utopian Discord to take part in the raffle.

Our wonderful Open Source raffle bot was created by our Utopian friend @jestemkioskiem. The raffle bot is Open Source can be found on this Github Repo -

You can read up on the bot here - Discord Raffle Bot

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The Show

You can listen to the full version of this show on our Utopian Podbean page

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