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The Last Weekend of 2018


8 months agoBusy5 min read

What a year huh... what a year.

on my part alot has happened. Good things, less good things.

I close the year with a promise. A promise to myself.

I will let my voice sound louder, stronger, more powerfull but also with more love, more affection, more wisdom. That what has to be happen happens, and in the best way possible for all of us.

I promise myself I release all things and old programmations that doesn't fit or serve me anymore.

I'm not doing that alone ofcourse. I have one Uberboss that is helping me trough all of it ;)

I'd like to make more social contact with people. More quality time and conversations filled with productive content and insights aswell as progress in what can be rached this year and after looking at he best way to achieve this.

Again, I think it is smart every end or beginning on the year to examinate yourself what you would like to see different, examinate your faith, your skills, your progress and wisdom. Let your hart speak aswell. If you believe in higher powers, ask your mind gently aswell as your toughts to be quite for some time and listen to what that power has to say and wants to give you.

Dear God, I defenitly could use a girlfriend in my life for several reasons, I know you love humor, atleast I do, and I'm supposed to be your child. 'But'... where are you hiding them lolz?

I lost one this year, sadly, did everyting I could. We where engaged and all. the 26th wpuld have been 1 year since i asked her to marry me. I could repeat 'meaby it wasn't ment to be'. However it is U who teaches us there is no limit, that everything is possible...

And life goes on, like it always does. I gathered some fruits along the way to be more prepared for the next part of the journey.

I know U teaches when we ask, we'll be given, when we'll knock there will be opened. Well I'd like to ask for more strenght. true, I ask that every day. I ask strenght for every person I can think of, every individual and not only that but also for each group not stopping there, I also ask for strenght from beings in imaginations, fantasy so we can all work as one. A Unity, stronger then anyone could ever have imagened, brighter then the sun moon, stars, wiser then wisdom itself.

Are we young? Or are we as old as everything that ever existed?

For everyone reading thos post, I wish you may be loved by many, that if needed you find redemption.
Let us go forwards and never stop.

"the only obstacles in your way are the ones that you let come in your way"

I'm starting to understand this more and more. Not saying it is always easy. I do say if it's to diffucult, let's make it easyer for all of us. Look on your own answer. Look on your own plate. It is full of answers.

I don't care if you take the long way and stop in every hotel, or if you train yourself to teleport you straight trough the cosmos to wherver you want to go. Make it worth the effort. You are not doing this for yourself alone, neither for only 1 or 2 other persons you love.

You are doing it for something bigger, greater then you can ever imagen, even when you think you must have seen it all, there are even more surprizes waiting for you. :)

To keep it as simple as possible, find or atleast ask to help find your true self. Because the answer is within you.

Gently invite yourself to manifest and visit the places and loved ones you want to visit.

For the people who had a realy hard time this year like me, I just wanted to tell you, heads up soldiers! It's not because you lost a battle that you have lost the war! We are winners! our victory has been written long long before our births and songs will be written about it even longer then you can imagen.

Glory is yours and you are Glory, show some dignity. Behave like it. So you may be prepared to ride trough the gates of your destination making a big entree. Who doesn't love that ;).

Our trompets will be shining and heared and praised by many galaxies billions of lightyears away.

Welcome home.

That is what I hear when I tell my toughts to sst for a while. Please share us what you hear in the commentsection.

It could be as simple as raindrup falling on the tip of your nose and giving you the feeling you are alive. :)


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