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Do Satanic People Wear Red Shoes? What is going on here? Red shoes 👠


6 months agoSteemit3 min read

I’m sure by now everyone has seen this picture because it’s everywhere. If not it was found in the New York City home of Jeffery Epstein.
The artist came forward today and confirmed it was purchased at an auction about 7 years ago but they had no idea it ended up in Jeffery Epstein’s house. Ironic is the fact that Monica Lewinsky, the intern (very young girl) who Clinton lied to the American people denying sexual relations wore a blue dress........BUT WHY THE RED SHOES?

Are red shoes a signal of some sort of satanic code or pedofilia or secret club? Do you find the people and these pictures odd about not only who they are but what they have been accused of?
How bout this picture of Tony Podesta and his red shoe gang? Is this some sort of cult or is this just a special occasion? Several celebrities have had these bright red shoes on in several pictures.
How bout this artwork found inside the Podesta residence and also displayed at Comet Ping Pong & Pizza? Is this acceptable art at a pizza parlor? Why the red shoes?
This was at John Podesta’s birthday party. Red shoe night again?
More red shoes from artwork hanging in grown men’s homes. The Podesta brothers think this is art.....and this is not even the worst shit they found in that house. These two crazy weirdos were about to get Hillary Clinton elected which half of you reading this voted for!!!!!!!

So let me get this straight.....Epstein who was a good friend of James Alafantis who owned Comet Ping Pong, owned a jet that Clinton was on 27 times committed suicide in Prison so he could not rat out Clinton’s, royal family and movie stars. Clinton says he doesn’t talk to Epstein but there is a picture of him in a blue dress. Hummm.....then all of them have these red shoes and sick art with red shoes in common.....BUT BUT BUT.....PIZZAGATE ISINT guys are all just a bunch of wacko conspiracy theorist. 😂😂😂😂 If you MoMos can’t see what is happening your brainwashed.

If pizzagate is fake (which it’s not) why would Vice President Joe Biden who is a known child hair smellng creep give a friendship bracelet to Obama with a slice of pizza on it? Doesn’t that seem very insensitive and inappropriate during a time of heightened pizzagate talks?

Why are grown men exchanging friendship bracelets with pizza slice charms on it anyway?????? You fucking weirdos!!!!


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