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American Biker Gangs Tangle with US Court Systems.


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Has the court system in the United States gone to far and now in a position to enforce a new ruling that will spread like wildfire? Last week in California the notorious biker group named the Mongols lost a court decision but, is it a ruling that they will even be able to enforce? I doubt it.
A California jury decided Friday that the Mongols motorcycle gang should be stripped of its trademarked logo. This ruling is the very first of this type. Never before in American history has a court ruled to take away a trademarked logo from any club or group. A public jury in U.S. District Court had only previously found Mongol Nation, the entity that owns the image of a Mongol warrior on a chopper, guilty of racketeering and conspiracy.

I would bet that most biker clubs or “gangs” at some point have committed some sort of racketeering and generally are not the most productive group for the greater society. Now with this ruling the police in California have the lawful ability to pull one of these members over on the road and literally take the jacket or patched item right of the back of the bikers. This biker group is fairly large and we have seen hundreds of them in the Colorado Springs area many times. Are the police really gonna take these jackets and vests without causing violence between them and the bikers? I highly doubt this is a viable or safe solution for on duty officers.
Hard core biker groups like the Hells Angels, Sons of Silence and the Mongols are often referred to as a 1%er and the chapters extend world wide. In Colorado Springs we have an annual bike week downtown and thousands and thousands of bikers show up from around the country. Some are just motor cycle riders and many are patch/color wearing biker gangs. They are all mixed together in the city streets and surprisingly there is usually very little trouble when they are here. Of course there have been issues and fights that have broken out but for the most part it seems to be a very civil event. The patch a biker wears is not only a badge of honor, but a symbolic and iconic from of identity and self respect. Taking the patches away from one group is bound to cause hard feelings and make conflict between bikers and police heightened.
Colorado is the birth place of the Sons of Silence biker gang which I believe was spin off from the Hells Angles many years ago. We see the patch wearing members all over town but I rarely hear of any crimes they have been hemmed up for. I have met and had conversations with several of them in bars over the years and almost all of them have been nice and respectful to me. That being said, I have heard some very sketchy stories on how they have treated and acted towards others in town. I can’t say that bikers are worse than any other group in public because there are a few groups who are more violent than they are.

Do you think the police in California are really gong to be able to enforce this ruleing by the court? I think this only added fuel to the fire so expect the Mongols and all other color wearing gangs to fight back against the law and authorities till the end of time. I personally think the George Soros funded Black Lives Matter group is much more dangerous and destructive to society than the biker gangs are.


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