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11 months ago2 min read

Free Bitcoin and Fun Bets

Football season is almost here and I have the perfect betting spot for new and seasoned betters. For you first timers, you have the opportunity to not only get Free Bitcoin but you also can bet with it on just about anyting. While we are waiting for the regular season of football to start, you can bet on Brexit, Formula 1, the US election, the Bitcoin price in 2020...ect. The unique things about these bets is they are time based. The since some of the bets can be over 1 year away from being realized, the earlier you bet, the more you get paid. For example, if I lock in my bet on what the Bitcoin price will be in 2020 right now versus someone betting on it 3 months after me I would get paid more for the same bet. The other cool thing is there is virtually no minimum bet, so you newcomers can have fun and test things out with no risk.

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Bet on Just about ANYTHING

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Win a Lambo

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If you join, you will receive entry in to the Mob @ My Discord This includes an airdrop of 150 Tron. Also, post your referral link below and you will receive a 100% UPVOTE.

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