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@jerrybanfield Responded About Me Taking Over His Witness Position #35


10 months agoBusy2 min read

Previously I decided to make a video response to @jerrybanfield about reactivating and taking over his Witness node in its current #35 position with the intention of get it back into the top 20. Jerry is saying he is done with STEEM and doesn't see much of a future here. I proposed taking it over because I still think that STEEM has a chance.

There is no vote decay so even though he hasn't operated the witness for two months he is still in #35th position. You can watch my video response to him here.

Ultimately he did get back to me through a YouTube comment and this was the exchange.

As you can see Jerry has the option to become a partner on his website for $49 / month or you can pay $1,000 worth of crypto for a lifetime membership. Really when it boils down to it as far as a business relationship the response didn't make any sense. We could have even negotiated the situation in a fashion where he would be retain a percentage of the earnings or something. Previously he was having someone else maintain the thing anyways.

Honestly I wouldn't have minded if he just said, "No, I don't want to go that route."

In Conclusion

Whether we look at Jerry as a borderline scammer who hops around like a flea or someone who brought more people to STEEM than any other person Jerry got in and profited and then is making a profitable exit. Good or bad those are the facts.

Looks like there will be no witness node for me on the STEEM blockchain.

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