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I Joined Trybe and Whaleshares Social Platforms


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There are two new social platforms where you can potentially earn crypto for blogging. The first one is and the second one is

Basically did something semi-genius in the fact that they just launched this social platform on a Wordpress social media engine but then sort of wrapped it into the EOS ecosystem by saying that they are doing airdrops to the users on the platform who have built up internal tokens on the site. They are doing the airdrop on Sept 11th and you will get an airdrop of however many tokens you have on the site. You get daily rewards for just signing in and other things like that. Here is my affiliate link if you guys want to sign up.

The reason I say it was semi-genius is because they cut their development cost down tremendously to begin with and if they end up with a fair amount of users signing up for the platform it is a way for them to pitch venture capitalist / investors into investing into the company to help them develop the software on top of EOS. Right now the system isn't designed that great and I was initially turned off when I saw the fonts were Times New Roman. I know that sounds like a small thing but from a design perspective for the web it is considered bad design.

Also another thing I don't like is when you post something it goes through an approval process so you might write an article and potentially it could get rejected. I'm assuming they are mainly trying to cut down on spam and that kind of thing though. The way you can get your airdrop is by adding your EOS account name into your profile and it is airdrop the same number of tokens you have in your account on Sept. 11th.

It is somewhat of a niche social media site because it is all about crypto currency related stuff. That might actually work out well for them though if they get enough people writting posts then they effectively crowd sourced a ton of content and then they could sell ad space. It isn't clear if there will be a value proposition to having more coins in your account like the way STEEM Power works. That is crucial to success in my opinion. Otherwise it is more of a site to get visibility to my other content on here and on YouTube. It is worth a shot though to see how things workout.


This is a clone of Steemit but it appears that the asset token was issued on BitShares. I just started on there and made an introduction post, read the whitepaper, and I'm still getting used to how everything works and how things are different on there than the STEEM blockchain.

If you had BitShares in a wallet where you controlled the keys on August 1st then you qualified for an Airdrop. Also the distribution isn't 100% clear to me either on there. The inflation is starting out at 100% which personally I don't agree with because we saw that on the STEEM blockchain and it was a disaster. At the time STEEM didn't have all these 3rd party applications like it has now but the attribution was terrible then and it still is to this day even being technologically impressive.

WhaleShares has an interesting take on Upvoting / Sharing. When you upvote something it essentially Shares it in your feed like a Resteem. I initially didn't like this because I felt like it buried your own blog posts if you voted too much but there is another view where you can see just that person's blog posts.

I'm not real sure about WhaleShares initial distribution as well. I did see something that says there are only 250,000 WhaleShares at this given time but then I saw an account that looked like it had 100,000 Whaleshares and another one that looked like it had 50,000 Whaleshares so I really can't say as far as that goes.

This might be an opportunity to start up a witness node and campaign while there aren't that many people on there. Here there isn't really a chance for the most part.

We will see overtime how the site evolves and what people's behavior ends up being like over there. You can follow me at

It cost 10 Whaleshares to get an account. That part gets slightly confusing but you can check out this video from Candice.


We will see how it goes over there. I have a feeling that in the next couple of weeks there are going to be floods and floods of Steemians signing up over there as well.

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