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Transferring shares in a public company the old way


3 months ago

I just had to mail share certificates back to the UK in order to transfer the share holdings to a family member. I started this process a couple of weeks ago with finding out how to comply, filling in forms and walking to the post office to mail what is in reality, a high value piece of paper with almost no authentication protection, back to the UK.

If someone maliciously intercepted that mail, I don't see how one could stop them re-writing the transfer form and taking ownership of that shareholding!

The registrar in the UK will then have to re-issue the share certificates and mail them to the new owner. There is no stamp duty payable on this transaction because no money is changing hands.

And @apshamilton was able to quickly and easily set up his own share ownership system for JPB Liberty with a couple of keystrokes wherein I could just type the name of a new owner for my shares and it would be verifiaby transferred! This truly is starting to look like a revolutionary system. Steem-engine

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