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SSG Monster Raffle Prize


10 months agoBusy2 min read

The #steemsilvergold (SSG) community here on Steemit recently held their Monster Raffle. This is a raffle to raise Steem Power for the community bot, which upvotes the content of the community members.

The raffle was held on 9/1/18 and there were a 1,178 tickets purchased, which each cost 1 Steem. Different community members donated pieces of silver/gold/rare coins to the prize pool; of which there were random drawings conduced live on the SSG discord channel. There were 36 prizes, so there were 36 drawings.

I purchased 15 raffle tickets and had already considered it a donation in my mind, as the odds of winning with each drawing at around 1.3% for me. However, there were enough drawings, and I was lucky enough to have won one of the prizes!

I won a 2016 1 ounce silver Australia Kangaroo coin that is slabbed and graded by PCGS at MS-69 (highest grade available being MS-70). A fine coin indeed! This was donated by prominent SSG Steemian @silverd510 , who promptly mailed it to me. Here it is:




How lucky I am to have won, and how lucky I am to have added such a great coin to my silver stack! Seems like I should go to Las Vegas or something with luck like this!

I have enjoyed being a part of the SSG community and wish it even more success in the future! Thank you SSG community and thank you silverd510!



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