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Silver Coins Added


2 months agoBusy

Hi Friends,

I recently added a handful of unique 1 ounce silver Canadian Maple Leafs to my stack – check them out:



These coins were minted in 2018, and play tribute to the Chinese Lunar Calendar by featuring a Labrador as the privy mark for the Year of the Dog. They have a reverse proof finish – the edging is frosted and the Maple Leaf and Queen are proof-like. It has a 5 Canadian Dollar face value, which is standard for the silver Maple Leaf coins.

These coins are actually hard to capture a good picture of - the finish is dynamic and catches the eye so many different ways in real life, that a picture or gif cannot do this coin justice.

I paid $1.50 over the silver spot price for each of these, which is a good deal for a uniquely minted, perfect condition, government backed bullion coin… I am happy to have them in my stack.

Thanks for coming by and checking out the coins!



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