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5 months agoSteemit

Hi friends,

We had some car trouble when we went out to Arizona last weekend and that has got us thinking about a new vehicle.

We repaired our car and it wasn’t too bad of a repair, but now we have it in our head that a new vehicle would be nice... so today, went out looking and test driving. It was a long day, as we wanted to look at a number of different vehicles by different manufactures before making a decision. We left the house at 9am and didn’t finish and get home until 8pm, with a couple of breaks for lunch and a stop by the house.

We ended up buying a new Chevy Traverse - my wife is very happy since she will be the primary driver.



Our plan is to drive this for many years to come as we do not change vehicles often - my truck is up to 180,000 miles but still runs great! I will admit tho that my eyes did wander as the new trucks out there these days are gorgeous (but unbelievably expensive!).

Thanks for stopping by,


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