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Weekend Recap


8 months agoBusy

Hi Friends,

I hope each of you had a good weekend.

Our weekend was fairly low-key, as Kendra is sick with a fever. We ended up canceling all our Saturday plans and hung out at the house all day. My wife did make a grocery store run, but the rest of the day was spent indoors taking it easy - reading, coloring, watching tv, etc.

On Sunday, Jacob and I went to church in the morning, and then Jacob and mom went to a kid’s birthday party for a couple of hours while I stayed home with Kendra. In the afternoon and evening, my wife went to a musical performance while I hung out with kids. We watched football, played a lot, and had McDonalds for dinner. Kendra seems to be feeling a bit better, but certainly not 100% yet.

Overall, a pretty slow weekend, but sometimes those are good for refreshing as well.

Here is a pic of the kids watching some tv and taking it easy:


Thanks for coming by!



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