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Mix It Up With Some Mead


2 years agoBusy2 min read

Another week in the books...back to the grind tomorrow. Ending it all right with a nice mead I picked up. Mead makes a great companion for the craft beer fan when you’re looking for something that a little different. For those unfamiliar, mead is essentially fermented honey or honey-wine.

I am not a big wine fan as the sweetness and acidity of grapes does not appeal to me so much and only like it in certain occasions. However, If I will do have the taste for something more in the wine category, I’ll spring for some mead. I wasn't always this way, during a beer share I attended someone brought some. I have been seeing them at a lot more beer shares nowadays, as there are series of craft and artisan brands that have begun creating great recipes and it provides a nice contrast to all the stout and juicy IPAs being shared around.

Mead has come a long has believed to be brewed by Ancient Greeks, enjoyed by Nordic Vikings (the word “honeymoon” comes from the drinking of honey-wine after Viking weddings), and brewed around Europe until almost being obscure. People around the world have always enjoyed mead, but it’s never really gained much popularity...until recently. What I really like about contemporary mead is that the makers have started to create really cool flavors. The oneI am enjoying tonight is by B. Nektar located in Ferndale, MI. It is called “Necromangocon” and it is a Mango Mead with Black Pepper. I love this blend of flavor...a huge mango fan and I love how the pepperiness balances it as well as accentuates the sweetness. You will either love mead or hate , regardless of what flavor. It just has a unique kind of sweetness you cannot find anywhere else. If you are a honey fan, then you will most likely be a mead fan.

I am relatively new to mead but so far I like what is out there and excited to try more. I have heard of a peanut butter and jelly mead, agave mead with lime, and many more exciting flavors.

Try new things, mix it up, it’s good for life. If you enjoyed the post please follow or upvote!


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