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War No More : A Freewrite Poetry.


8 months agoBusy


Love never gonna die
This love is forever, kissed her thigh
Duty came calling, strong men needed
To the war we went, departure tonight
Fatherland came calling, I bid goodbye
Coming out one after the other
Here one, there one, they gathered
Base was near, we prayed for them to Father come safe, come whole, we pray O Father
At there general's command, they disappear
Months passed, joyous expectations fades
In came body bags, large in number
Fatherless children skyrocketed
On the war field, men slumber forever
Never waking up to see the day.
Time have passed now, nothing to show
No victor, no vanquish, my dad died for fun
Big brother made shows, we saw blood flows
Departure of dad was his last
Seven years on, I still cry.
Memorial Day, we gathered and pray
War no more, peace ever
Cost this much, the plan of the big brother
Puppets in there hands, they've the power
War no more, the new slogan.
My entry into @mariannewest everyday freewrite
Prompt : Departure.


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