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China news roundup / Nachrichten 2019-09-23

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English news:

Video: ‘Protect Our Kids’ protest group says volunteer beaten by Hong Kong police in alley

"One officer was seen kicking towards the man’s midriff while he was lying on the ground. When the woman recording the video shouted at the police and told them to stop hitting the man, other officers shone their flashlights at her, obscuring the view"

--- Kicking a man? Oh please, it was just a strangely coloured, oversized cockroach. If you can't see that, maybe you are one, too.

"Acting Senior Superintendent (Operations) Vasco Williams [...] denied any instance of police misconduct: “You mentioned a video in which shows what appears to be an officer kicking a yellow object on the ground,”"

--- Only goes to show how fascistoid the HK police has become under CCP guidance. Those who are against us are not human, they are cockroaches (or other "objects").

How Hong Kong police trained for riots – and why their response to protesters has been so violent

"The government’s repressive approach, by contrast, is backfiring. Many who might otherwise stay at home have been so angered by the government’s policing tactics that they too now come out in protest."

--- Only goes to show that mainland commie methods don't really work if the population has not gone through decades of oppression & brainwashing.

China bristles at Pompeo's criticism as video challenges narrative on Uighur camps

"These measures are no different in nature from the deradicalization and preventive counterterrorism measures taken by many other countries"

--- Completely true, just look at Nazi Germany or Stalin's USSR.

Is The Farewell the olive branch the US-China culture war needs?

"in depicting the differences between western and Chinese family values, Wang has highlighted the ideological battle between China and the US"

--- Huh? I must be missing something. Don't see how some silly flick about family affairs would do that.

Hong Kong’s anti-terrorism task force goes to Xinjiang to study local methods

"a government source stressed the move did not mean Hong Kong supported such centres, or that it would be borrowing ideas from them"

--- Of course not. There is not enough room in HK for that. Instead they can use isolated islands.

China to send state officials to 100 private firms including Alibaba

"directives, presented as a means to boost the local manufacturing industry"

--- Of course. Who knows better how to run a private company than commie officials?

Video News:

--- China Uncensored asks "Should You Teach English in China?"

--- ABC News reports: "More brutal clashes in Hong Kong as protesters confront police"

--- While the police denies all wrongdoing (via HK FP):

--- & another video montage nicely shows what to make of that statement:

--- HK Police: "If first-aid volunteers get harassed by police, it's entirely their own fault" (via HK FP):

--- Sky News Australia thinks "Australia is 'too dependent' on China for trade"

Deutsche Nachrichten:

Ein starkes Land in Angst

"Die Vorbereitungen für den großen Tag vermitteln allerdings eher den Eindruck, als fürchte die Führung das eigene Volk."

--- Natürlich. Schließlich ist das Volk dumm & versteht die Weisheit der KPCh nicht vollumfänglich.

"Um einen strahlend blauen Himmel am Nationalfeiertag zu garantieren, wurden in Peking die Arbeiten auf Baustellen eingestellt, das Abbrennen von Feuerwerk [...] verboten und der Verkauf von Benzin eingeschränkt."

--- Da sieht man wieder wie umweltfreundlich die KPCh doch ist. Tut einfach alles für saubere Luft.

China ist Australiens Problempartner

"So nähre die chinesische Regierung eher die Antipathie, statt diese abzubauen."

--- Nur ein Mißverständnis. Die dummen Australier verstehen die überaus komplexe chinesische Hochkultur einfach nicht. Wenn sie endlich lernen, immer schön zu kotauen, wird alles viel besser.

Onlinehandel: Millionenverlust wegen unfairer Konkurrenz aus China

"Die niedrigen Tarife gehen auf eine Regelung der Organisation zurück, der seit 1874 den internationalen Postverkehr regelt. Sie waren zur Unterstützung armer Länder gedacht"

--- Tja, armes China. Wußte ich schon immer...
Übrigens waren die Tarife für mich nicht sonderlich günstig, als ich mich vor 10 Jahren mal erkundigte. Vielleicht war das ein Ausländertarif, oder Firmen bekommen sowieso bessere Konditionen.


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