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Leftist Hysteria at Kavanaugh Supreme Court Hearing and Zina Bash


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Presenter: The Red Elephants
Date: 4 September 2018

A seemingly serious, yet hilarious, presentation on how the far left wing of the mainstream media has interpreted an "OK" sign flashed by Brett Kavanaugh's former clerk Zina Bash as a White supremacist hand sign. Which it may be - however, one would be advised to remember that there are only so many signs one can form with one hand and the same sign may have more than one interpretation.

Bash's husband, attorney John Bash, claims neither he nor his wife were familiar with this interpretation of this sign. This writer was not aware of it either. Given that Zina Bash is originally from Mexico, looks Hispanic and is a granddaughter of two Holocaust survivor she makes for a rather unlikely White supremacist.

But regardless of that - the video below does a great job of demonstrating how gullible some mainstream media reporters are and how easily they have been lead to believe, by 4Chan operatives and possibly others, in outright falsehoods so long as those falsehoods fitted their political prejudices. It appears the whole "OK" sign controversy falls into that same category.

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