Costa Rica


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My photo from Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a real tropical reserve, whose inhabitants are many exotic birds and butterflies, as well as rare animals. In addition, on the territory of Costa Rica there are about 120 volcanoes, whose gentle slopes cover the tropical vegetation of the so-called “transcendental forests”.

Costa Rica got its name due to a misunderstanding: Columbus who sailed here for the first time saw a lot of gold jewelry on local Indians and decided that this land is rich in gold. That is why he gave her this name - "Rich Island", or Costa Rica. Unfortunately, there was no gold, but the resourceful Spaniards decided to grow coffee, bananas and cocoa here. And this idea was so successful that gradually Costa Rica turned into a rich and prosperous country, with numerous duty-free trade zones.

Costa Rica attracts tourists with magnificent sandy beaches and tropical reserves, as well as the opportunity to take a tour of the wild jungle, go to one of the majestic volcanoes or just do water sports.


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