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How Has Steem Impacted My Life Initiative : Gradually and Definitely!


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A question we should all answer ... How Has Steem Impacted Your Life? A question from @theycallmedan.

There are many answers that can be given, there are thousands of words that can be written. I usually get lost in a lot of detail and to avoid this and not to bore readers, I think it's best to follow the directions of the person asking.


"What was the impact of Steem in your life ever since you became part of the Steem family and why you would recommend it over a similar project?... Please write a whole post; with whys, whens, comparisons, etc."


After I had access to the internet and consumed all my curiosities, it remained important in my mind that money can be made working online. This happened more than ten years ago.

I tried all the methods and programs that were floating around the internet. It took me many years and enough money to understand that the majority, the overwhelming majority of them were cheaters. Thus I learned the word "SCAM"!

I was looking for a place to work honestly and get paid honestly!

I think Steemit allows me to do that. This is the reason why I signed up for this social platform where I hope for a longer journey.


Many, many years in Internet Marketing. I started from zero knowledge and slowly, slowly I started to learn. I learned that every business must be promoted. By proposing my small business to colleagues and friends from different social networks I had to receive proposals from them as well. Thus we learned about Steemit and Steem from a Facebook post. That was two and a half years ago. Then, in July 2019 I signed up! I was beginning to be interested in cryptocurrencies.

What was the impact of Steem in your life ever since you became part of the Steem family?

The impact was much bigger than I imagined. First of all, for over two and a half years I am almost daily on the platform to write, read and communicate with colleagues, future friends, former friends ... friends. Because here they are really friends, even though they are not officially named.

I'm retired. I was afraid of the moment when I would be like this. Steemit helped me. It kept me busy every day!

I'm learning now! Many things. To write a blog, to photograph, to improve my knowledge of English.

Although the main reason I entered Steemit was the reward, the reward in Steem ... now this interest was left behind, I forgot about it.

Writing a blog, searching for a topic, developing it, choosing photos, editing them are activities that make me such a pleasure that I cannot imagine my life from here without them.The pleasure of seeing the impact that the result of my work has among my colleagues, their opinions and advice, their praise!

The fact that after doing something that I like a lot I am rewarded is more than I expected. I consider Steem a long-term investment, I am patient.

Why you would recommend it over a similar project?

Everyone knows that it is healthy to quit smoking. Simple and easy to say but much harder to achieve. Lots of prescriptions and drugs have been invented, some have yielded results, others have been in vain.

When I discovered and signed up for Steemit two and a half years ago, I left Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn permanently. Like when you manage to quit smoking.

This is my recommendation: If you want to get rid of the dependency of other social networks, if you want to be creative and have satisfaction after the activity, if you really want to be rewarded for your efforts ... then there is only one place: Steemit!

A small clarification!
Following @theycallmedan's recommendation, I reactivated my Twitter account. To show the world what we do here!


I once initiated a challenge called SAM. Something About Me. I thought it was good for our readers to know more about us and to understand better what we are posting. Well, SAM is dead but I still think it would be in everyone's interest to get to know each other better. This is the reason for the short presentation below!


  • I am Dan and I live in Bucharest, Romania.
    Born in 1954, married and retired. I worked in construction and banking system.
    My passions: Art (film, music, photography, painting), Travel and even Cooking.

  • Romania is the sixth largest country in the European Union. Unfortunately, due to over fifty years of communism (1947-1989) and a reluctant transition to capitalism (1990 and up to now), Romania is among the least economically and socially developed countries. I hope this will settle quickly in the near future.
    Instead, it is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe!



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Thank you!
I made this post with passion, effort, and respect for you. I hope the result proves it.
Since English is not my first language, please forgive any grammatical errors.


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