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Ignore the FUD at the moment - Serious thought changes are being made behind the scenes and this is proof

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Now this isn’t exactly the change we all need but it’s quite a biggy considering apples stance to cryptocurrency applications on their store for the past 2 years. Apple has a “curation” style front page on the App Store, a place where hot apps are either displayed or an article is written, generally around an interview, and topics are discussed.

So the other day I noticed that our very own Harshita Arora who created one of the first bitcoin price tracking applications got her very own editorial piece - ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE APP STORE!! This to me means that perhaps Apple is reversing its old time stance on the negatives of crypto and I implore you too seek out and read the article on your own phones as it’s a seriously positively painting piece of writing; it’s just a shame the markets aren’t responding that way :/

Now I know that this isn’t a smoking gun but it perhaps means that the anti-crypto stance that institutions have taken may be loosening slightly, opening doors for even more adoption than we have now if Apple are willing to give quite a coveted advertising slot to one of our very own developers who regardless had an amazing story to tell - regardless of crypto or not!!

But anyway screw the markets who cares if the price of everything and their nan is dropping, steem will hold strong as per usual and like I said to a friend I’ve made on here - it’s the ones that disappear when the price drops that are exposed for the snakes and fakes that they really are and with this news of Apple which no one seems to of picked up on (seriously?) maybe it marks that the journey towards a fully furnished and intuitive official steemit app is only a few more steps away!

Please let me know your thoughts and feelings in the comments about this great little slither of news for us!!


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