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The Blockbrothers are now a Witness for the STEEM Blockchain.


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Some might have guessed it and for some, it might be a surprise but since 29th November @blockbrothers is proudly an official witness for the STEEM blockchain.

We welcome your support if you think we deserve it.

Who are we?

The Blockbrothers are a group of four childhood friends that are all active members of Steemit and the creators of the app Steemify.

The app Steemify is made for free for the community to use and is currently in Public Beta and very well received. It will be available in the app store by the end of the year.

We believe that Unity makes strength and with our team, we have created that. We are all very good in different areas.

In short:

@bennierex is the developer and programmer. He can review HF code and keep our node in good condition. He's also the main developer of Steemify.

@exyle is the one that can explain Blockchain and most things regarding Steemit in an easy to understand way to community members and has done so through his vlogs and posts.

@eqko is a designer and 3d max expert and has made several logos for the community.

@s3rg3 is the brain as we call him, basically an idea machine. Also, a fully certified Apple Certified expert with 10 years of experience.

Our server


- Intel Xeon E3 (quadcore w/ hyperthreading)
- 2x 2 TB HDD (raid 1)
- 1gbit/s network

Why vote for us?

With our team, we feel that we have all the expertise in-house, to fulfill the role of witness.

We are very approachable and you can always find us in Steem chat or Discord.

The app Steemify is only the beginning of the plans we have to make cool applications and tools for the Steem Blockchain to keep serving the community.

The Steem blockchain is also about to go through some amazing changes.

2018 will see the implementation of SMT's and easy signups.

We want to be part of that change.

We hope that in the upcoming month through our actions we can gain your support and witness vote.

You will hear a lot from us.

More info about our group:


Exyle was the first of the group to join Steemit. He's a member since July 2016. He attended both Steemfest 1 and 2. He's a successful IT business owner for over 10 years.

Through his blog posts and vlogs, he talks about his life and also tries to teach as many people as he can about the STEEM blockchain and everything that's built on top of it.

He's got a good reputation of 72.1, with over 4000 followers.

Next, to being a content creator, he's also an investor in the platform with over 100K Steempower. He has never powered down.


The dev and main systems administrator of @blockbrothers. He started his career in aviation and then veered off to the IT business, where he gained professional experience in Python, PHP and C.

Fueled by @exyle's enthusiasm, he got interested in crypto and blockchain tech, and Steem in particular. He finds challenge in automating anything that can be automated, from drones to table lamps.

Lately, he put his focus on Steem and is working on several projects making use of the Steem blockchain, and has a firm belief in a prosperous future for the Steem ecosystem.


Our big brother @s3rg3 - The Brains joined Steemit in March 2017 and he has been reading and writing about things that keep him busy every day. Lately very interested in everything that has to do with Steem and the Steem blockchain.

He mainly writes about topics related to enjoying life, as well as Steemit related posts. You can call him the bon vivant of Steemit.

He is the oldest of the group, as an Apple Certified Consultant, he has been running his own company for some years now.
With a reputation of 59.6 and nearly 600 followers, he is well worth following.


@blockbrothers graphic designer. He grew up knowing one thing: Design is everything! With a solid 20 year background in 3d animation and a side-dish of renderfarm maintenance and pipeline development, he makes sure his day-job people can keep doing their job, maintaining the entire workflow from start to finish.

He now focuses his attention on Steemit, while relying on his strong point of playing devil's advocate for anything blockbrothers comes up with, finding weaknesses in anything from design, to UI to UX and coming up with solutions for them.

How can you vote for us?

Please vote here for @blockbrothers



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