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5 months agoSteemit2 min read

Vid is a new innovative video journal app that gives ultimate control to its users. Data is secured through zero-knowledge encryption, so only the user can access their content.
Even Vid can’t see it until the user decides to post publicly.
Content creators can earn money when people view their videos.
Advertising partners can also pay users directly, without Vid taking a cut.
It also uses a unique patented video editing system that automatically edits clips using app A.I VIBE to the beat of the music of your choice and makes each video completely editable until your hearts content.
Vid is a patented way to automatically generate your favorite video memories, vid_app can auto tag these memories and arrange them in an easy to use calendar interface.
Vid allows everyone to create video memories with ease and are pioneering a new industry segment ‘memory media’ Vid is a next-generation video journal app launching on IOS Q3 2019, app store Q4 2019.
Vid don’t take a cut, content creators earn revenue in vid tokens when people view their videos, vid even reward you in vid tokens depending on your amount of views of your content that day.
The app is available to everybody and your data is secure on the blockchain.
A paid tier of the app is available to sign up too using strict KYC so fake accounts are impossible to make, further securing user data and making it harder for bad players to abuse this space
For anybody and everybody who ever thinks ‘i wish i had recorded that’ vid_app is for you, record and share your memories, and get rewarded daily if others watch your easily created masterpieces.
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