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Don’t Be This Guy...


9 months agoeSteem2 min read


The other day I posted a quick piece about some cheap bag of liquid shit that waltzed into my shop and stirred up some drama regarding some Iron Man comics. If you want to read first hand what an entitled jizz bucket this dude was, pop on over to this post below and give it a look.

If not, just read ahead at another shining example of humanity that sloppily stumbled into my shop just about an hour ago. These clueless asslickers are not uncommon. They are fairly frequent visitors and there are plenty of fun stories from the past...that it gives me hope for future weirdos. So this is going to be something that I’ll be doing from now on thanks to my friend @abh12345’s suggestion the other day.


Being open 11 years this far, I have my share of “those guys” that have graced me with their presence. So from now on, I’m going to write about these fine specimens when they enter this dump.

Today, this guy put one foot in front of the other to buy some comics for his kids...literally. I’ll preface this by saying he was a decent guy, but...come on man!!!




This reminds me of my days of waiting tables and seeing people take off their flip flops at the table...wiggling their disgusting dirty toes and resting their feet on the benches for all the patrons to see as they tried to hold down their Bloomin Onion.

Anyway, luckily I swept the floor yesterday. I believe there were a few random stray thumb tacs that I picked up. Too bad Foot Masta Flex didn’t step right on it.

Just...don’t be this fuckin guy...

Until the next asshole...


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