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Attending D23?!? Snag THIS To Make Some $$$!


11 months ago3 min read


D23 is the annual convention for hardcore Disney maniacs to come together, pay insane prices for useless trinkets, wait in ungodly lines to see a 30 second trailer that will be bootlegged onto reddit shortly after anyways, and come out feeling butt raped with Pluto’s bone by Mickey himself.

I would honestly love to go as I’m a huge fan of the Mouse and his friends, Star Wars, and of course Marvel...but I’ve heard horror stories from plenty of fine folks who braved it in years past... so I’ll sit this one out and not have my ass least not from this...

At this gathering, there are tons of cool merchandise released that you can only snag while here. Trailers and sneak peaks are released for eager viewers to see, and news about all your favorite Disney properties sneaks out. It’s kinda like a specialized comic con that is just as frustrating to do anything.

There are tons of panels to sit through as well and that’s my main reason for writing this on this beautiful morning. I just learned that at one of the specific panels, all attendees will be handed (most likely rough and poorly by an overworked volunteer who could not give 2 wet shits about condition) a free comic. This specific comic could end up being fairly tasty in the ol’ wallet department.


Humberto Ramos has supplied the purdy art with colours by Edgar Delgado. This variant cover of Marvel Comics #1000 will be given away at D23 Expo 2019 to attendees at the MARVEL COMICS: Marvel 80thAnniversary panel on Saturday, August 24, 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. PT at Stage 28, where Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski and Executive Editor Tom Brevoort will discuss all things Marvel as you put sunglasses on and try to catch up on some rest that you sacrificed to wait on an overnight line to snag a “limited edition” Haunted Mansion mug that’s not even dishwasher safe.

This cover combines Mickey and a few Marvel characters and depending on how many are passed out, could command a pretty penny on the aftermarket. I have already seen some of the folks in the comic spec groups I’m in mention their desire to snag this.

The tough part from what I’m reading is that you had to register to attend this panel and it filled up instantly. If I were going I’d just wait outside the exit doors with $20 dollar bills and offer that to folks for the book. With what will most likely be hundreds of people attending, you are bound to score some.

If anyone is planning on attending the D23 Expo in Anaheim this coming week, I would advise taking the route I just suggested. Could be very lucrative if able to score a bunch of these. It’ll be interesting to see what these command on the secondary market once available.

If you aren’t attending and want one of these, just scout eBay on that day of release and hope for the best. Lastly, if you are not attending and also don’t give a rats dickhole about this comic either, then you just wasted 4 minutes of your life which you will never get back...and for that...I’m terribly sorry.



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