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No-Limit Fantasy Sports joins as Bitsports Launch Partner (+ New Merchandise)


5 months agoSteemit3 min read

Recently, we announced the Bitsports Launch, opening up the opportunity for launch partners to register their interest in the project.

As of recently, No-Limit Fantasy Sports joined us as one of those partners!

No-Limit Fantasy Sports is the world's first Crypto Fantasy Sports Platform.

If you've played fantasy football before, you already know what fantasy sports is about.

If not, the explanation is pretty simple. Fantasy sports lets you bet on a player, instead of a whole team. This way, you can put together your own squad of players that you expect to provide excellent performance, regardless of actual team affiliations.

The goal is to create the best squad for the lowest amount of money. After a week, you're rewarded based on how your chosen players performed.

While No-Limit Fantasy Sports has its own cryptocurrency, NoLimitCoin (NLC2), by joining Bitsports their community can create more demand for STEEM. On their website, they have an easy option to exchange STEEM for NLC2, effectively opening up an additional use case for STEEM that's not just hodling. They have also expressed interest in Dual-listing their token as an SMT and maybe as a Steem Engine token to start with until SMT's are available.

Furthermore, communities such as No-Limit help to draw in new people who aren't using any cryptocurrencies yet, but are into playing fantasy sports.

And speaking of ways to make STEEM more of a currency than just a token you hold, the BuildTeam Shop now offers No-Limit Fantasy Sports merchandise!

As with all our available merchandise, be it Splinterlands or Steem, the products can be bought with either STEEM or SBD. If you're looking for a specific merchandise item but can't find it, we're happy to add it, if we're able to.

Check out some of the No-Limit items below.

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