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BTC is still tanking ! STEEM price is up !


5 months agoSteemit

Its great to see how BTC/USD is just tanking above the 10k mark. There are fears that it would pummel down however I'm still optimistic of the bulls coming in.

With the G7 taking notice of Bitcoin and having it in their discussions, I guess investors are just holding on to their position before seeing what announcement comes up next.

So if you have the time this weekend , do write an article about STEEMFEST ( if you are planning to go ) and get it upvoted by @blocktrades. The topic .... Funding my Trip to STEEMFEST . This post would have its payout after HF21 so you may be getting way much more as based on @steemitblog 's post .. any post getting more then 20 STEEM ( approx $3.5 ) would get more in payouts !

Here is the link to the details and you have until 30th Aug to do it.

Hey its a SUNDAY ! have a great one with your friends and family... cheers

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