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The largest Blockchain community in Malaysia

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2 months agoeSteem2 min read


I've been pretty busy lately with doing a lot of new stuff especially in trading where I do explore different strategies and also I've been getting to understand the different Blockchain projects out there.

To be totally honest, the only Blockchain which I am really involved in was Steem and now Hive. It's purely because of the amazing community which is here.

In Malaysia we do have our own little Hive community which has over 1k of members. A lot of these community members are also in Malaysia's largest Blockchain community with over 56k members on FB.

This community is called Bitcoin Malaysia. Literally this is where I would first go and browse thru its feed for the latest news in the Blockchain space curated by members. Any spams or affiliate posting here will be removed and the person who posted would be immedietly removed from the group.

The group is vibrant and there always is great interaction within the members there aside from some minor disagreements here and there but that is what a community is all about right.?

So.. The members are not only Malaysians however it consist of a lot of Blockchain enthusiasts and I do get to explore a lot of genuine Blockchain projects from there.

Do join if you are interested in conversations about Blockchain and crypto within South East Asia region.

Just lookup the name of the FB group in the picture above and you are practically there.

Cheers all and have an amazing day.


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