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E-Tunai ! Malaysia's way to get people to start using e-wallets


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Today is the day where the Govt of Malaysia gives out about MYR450 million to the residence of Malaysia however its not in the form of cash but its credited thru 3 known e-wallets. You are able to claim it using either Grab, TouchnGo and Boost.

I personally think that its a great initiative by the Govt and a good move towards e payments even though there are certain groups which thinks its a really bad idea, especially for those who are living in the rural areas without connectivity. But for those who lives closer to the urbanized areas in Malaysia, it is indeed a great way to start using epayments if you are not already using it.

Hopefully soon, these ewallets would also be able to utilize topup using crypto as there are already regulated exchanges here in Malaysia and this would move towards a cashless society.

Cheers and have a great day ! Make sure you claim your e-Tunai real soon if you are a Malaysian.

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