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Friday ! Its a green day ... more details on HardFork 21

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6 months agoSteemit

Want to learn more about Trading Cryptos, here is a nice article to help you understand all the jargons like EMA, RSI and other stuff as to how to see if its a bull market or bear.

Its an interesting article and a good read.

HardFork 21

@steemitblog wrote an article about what to expect during HF21. Here is the post about it

Since there would be a huge change in the reward curve and also changes in the reward distribution, this would make people curate more instead of just using bid bots. You will see significant increase in curation rewards therefore it may be more lucrative to upvote great content. This would also help deserving authors to earn more as well.

Its really going to be an exciting week ... therefore keep on creating content !

Cheers and have a great Friday !

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