Alttex Will Change The World

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A whole system on your smartphone will be ALTTEX not just a simple multi-currency wallet

What Alttex will offer:
     1. Exchange, purchase and sale of coins (atomic swap)
     2. Call messaging (paid) system, earn while you call
     3. Scheduled, block of, funds 
     4. Connection of Attex, with credit cards. 
     5. Connection with, electronic commerce platforms
     6. Integrated market, in the portfolio


These characteristics will give a total turn to the ecosystem of the cryptocurrencies.
So those who are engaged in trading will not have to be stuck all day to a computer.
Sleep peacefully alert systems will warn you instantly that your currency selected is going down for the purchase or in boost for the sale

Fast, very Fast

Transactions with bitcoin are 3 or 4 per second
With ethereum they are 30 or 40per second.
Wthin the platform ALTTEX will be 100 thousand per second
Because ALTTEX will use the ox protocol

More Information & Resources:

        When you participate in the ico ALTTEX 
    contributing to the most ambitious development
in the world of trading e-commerce and cryptocurrencies




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