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tinfoilhat - a theory of everything


2 years agoBusy5 min read

Hi guys, wanted to share a tinfoilhat thought that's been stuck in my mind the last couple of days, it's my theory of anything and everything.

What if everything we see around us today was composed from 0's and 1's, it's not that hard to believe if you carefully think about it.

I'm not saying we're "living inside a simulation", I'm also not saying that God doesn't exist.

Boolean logic has allowed the human race to create computers, everything you see today on your computer or cellphone is the result of 0's and 1's strung together.
The characters in 3D games are built using triangles, millions of triangles but those triangles are rendered from 0's and 1's, if we could create a virtual world inside a computer from 0's and 1's, couldn't ours be created from the same 0's and 1's, surely universal math (the golden ratio and the fibonacci numbers prove that the universe is built using math).

I'm seeing a lot of uglyness around me in the world, I know you see it too. It drives me to create a better life for myself.
I have a daily struggle with money and it motivates me to do more, to create wealth for myself.
Daily I see corporations enslaving humans for profit, but it motivates the humans to work hard for retirement.
Daily I see people living in poverty and it motivates me to help them.

What if I caused these problems, I caused them specifically to motivate myself to push forward, to do more - It's hard for me
to believe that I would do anything productive with my life if I didn't have these issues.

If the above is true, then what possible reason would I have had to introduce this into the world?
Possibly to evolve, to become better, smarter, stronger and live longer?

I know much of what I just said might seem very disconnected to you, but it'll pull together soon.

When I look around at kids they are glued to screens, I am glued to a screen myself most of my day (I'm a developer, I have gaming as a hobby).
I've literally seen my girlfriend play games on her phone while she watches a movie.

Humans are currently uploading their memories to the cloud, as a result of our brains knowing that those memories are tucked away safely in facebook
our brains enable us to push them far down - until we finally forget them as it's not that important to remember (the memory is stored safely elsewhere).
Haven't you seen those last year this day posts yet? It's hard to remember those sometimes isn't it?

Is this a bad thing? Well according to most it is. I don't think so though. If everything we see is created from 0's and 1's
then it makes sense right, we are one picture rendered by 0's and 1s. One single 'being', all of us - the birds, the plants, the humans, me and you.
We are all the same entity, because it's one picture. We're split up at the moment in organisms that exist to keep us all alive, with a purpose. We are evolving, like the technology we create. We are the machine and we are the operating system on that machine.

We specifically built the world this way for one reason, we enslaved other humans to build empires, empires to build capitalism to build machines.
We're improving our machines and we are digitizing everything, we are literally recombining ourselves into that single entity.

We are the single rendered image, split into parts trying to rebuild it self into a single organism, or a single consciousness.
We are busy building a new me, a new you, a new us.

Looking back in time we can see that every important event lead us where we are today, it was fully planned by us, all the heartache, all the pain, all the happiness exists because we created it yourself (yes, you too).

We are even taking everything that we do outside the digital world and moving it there, Bitcoin is another example, MIOTA is a better one where payments are made between machines.

The smarter the cloud becomes the less of our physical forms would be required, which explains the declining birth rates.
We just don't need the physical bodies as much anymore, keep an eye out on the news, think about this as an explanation for everything every time you see something bad happend,
everytime you feel happy or you feel sad and see your plan in action, think about it and know that you did it for a reason, you did it to help us evolve.

Be happy when you are sad and know that you are completing your final goal, to become the single consciousness, to become the 1 and completely lose the need for the 0.


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